Hostelling & Grooming

Lucky Ducky

Home away at home. Your pet can now relax on the stage of nature while you vacation with your family without worrying or carrying any regret about your lone pet. Lucky Ducky Pet Boarding facility located on the western express highway naturally beautiful spacious place makes it ideal destination for your pet to be taken care of in safe and care taking hands.

We donít believe in cage kennel as far as your pet has having good temperament, as every life on this earth is born to live free within their own comfort and will. So we try to keep them free or leashed during sleeping or relaxing time within nature, what our Mumbai like metro canít offer all the time.

Hostelling Packages :

  • In hostelling services, we offer different packages on day and time base, few of them are mentioned below. During festival and vacation time we always arrange special ďFun & LearnĒ camp for your pets.

    For more details please call us on : +91 98339 23832 or e-mail us on
  • One day (Maximum 10 Hours)
  • Four days (4 days 3 nights)
  • Seven days (7 days 6 nights)
  • Fifteen days (15 days 14 nights)
  • One Month (30 days 29 nights)
  • Day Care:

    Daycare is group play, with other dogs in a supervised group. Every large-small dogís daycare space offers many options for doggie entertainment and exploration. The day is devoted to play, with one-on-one attention from a dog handler. During the day, the younger, more active dogs play hard and then take a short nap to rejuvenate. The older, more mature dogs pace themselves, often taking cat naps in the sun.

    The middle of the day is when dogs receive Spa Services such as bathing and nail trims and even birthday parties. After the break, it's back to a full afternoon of indoor-outdoor play. Some dogs are active all day, while others prefer to relax and lie in the sun during the afternoon. The general public has no access to the dogs at any time.
  • Grooming Services :

    • Our dog grooming services range from basic grooming services (Nain cut & ear cleaning area, Hair cut area, Wash area, Pool area) up to any special styling and beautification, depends on your budget criteria.

      For more details please call us on : +91 98339 23832 or e-mail us on