Knowledge / F. A. Q.

Lucky Ducky

Frequently Ask Questions (F.A.Q.) Please check it below…

1. Can my friend or family member drop off or pick up my dog ?

  • If you are unable to drop off your dog, please be sure to send detailed written feeding, medication, and activity instructions with him. If you know a friend or family member will drop off your dog, you may also give us a call before your dog’s arrival to fill out the paperwork over the phone. Please make sure to send updated vaccination records with your dog as well.

    If you are unable to pick up your dog, please give us the names of individuals we may release your dog to on the day of departure. If you like, we can check their IDs as well. Please let us know how you would like to settle the balance as well- we can use the card we have on file, or you can send a form of payment with your friend/family member.
  • 2. How many toys & personal belongings may I bring for my dog?

    • We allow each boarding guest to have up to three personal items while boarding (examples of personal items include: beds, blankets, toys, nylabones, etc.). Food & medications do not count as personal items.
    • 3. What is a ‘special needs’ charge? Does my dog qualify for this charge, and why?

      • A ‘special needs’ charge of is applicable for dogs with more than two food items per day, two or more daily medications to administer, or other special care needs or requests that require additional time and effort for our kennel technicians to properly care for your dog.
      • 4. Should I bring my dog’s own food for his stay?

        • We recommend that you bring your dog’s own food for his stay- it is easier on your dog’s digestive system to continue eating his own food while boarding. However, if you prefer, we can feed our in-house food (dry California Natural chicken & rice formula). We do not have in-house canned or wet food. If your dog requires more than two types of food daily, he will incur a ‘special needs’ charge of INR 100/-/day added to the cost of his stay, due to extended food preparation time for our kennel technicians.
        • 5. What if my dog takes medication on a daily basis-can your kennel techs administer his medication?

          • We would be happy to administer your dog’s medications. We will gather specific information about the types of medication, dosage, and how your dog best takes his medications (for example, in peanut butter or your own pill pockets) upon arrival. If your dog requires two or more medications daily, or has a medication with detailed instructions or injections (for example, insulin injections), he will incur a ‘special needs’ charge of INR 100/-/day added to the cost of his stay, due to the time required for extended care.
          • 6. What will you do if my dog has a problem and I can’t be reached because I’m out of town?

            • We will always call you first- If your dog has a health problem or an urgent issue while boarding and we are unable to reach you, we will then call your emergency contact (on your dog’s information sheet). We will take your dog directly to your vet if needed, or to the nearby emergency center vet if your vet is far away or if the situation is especially urgent. The fee for transportation plus the amount of the invoice from the vet will be extra.
            • 7. What is daycare? Can my dog do daycare while he’s boarding?

              • Daycare is group play, with other dogs in a supervised group. Daycare is already included in the boarding package. In order to be eligible for daycare, your dog must be spayed or neutered, pass a temperament test, and be up to date on the vaccines we require for boarding (see below). A temperament test is an evaluation by one of our experts, and has a one-time cost of INR 50/-.
              • 8. What if my dog is a chewer, and causes damage to his run?

                • If your dog causes damage to his run while boarding that needs repair for the next guest, the owner will be responsible for the cost of repairs. We will take pictures of the damage for you to see, if you’d like.
                • 9. What vaccines does my dog need?

                  • For a dog to board, be groomed, get a temperament test, or participate in day care or day board at our facility, we require the following:

                    7 in 1 or 8 in 1- must be up-to-date according to your dog’s vet, usually given.

                    Rabies- must be up-to-date according to your dog’s vet, usually given yearly.
                  • 10. Why is there so much paperwork involved with boarding my dog?

                    • Your dog’s care is of the utmost importance to us; therefore, we are very thorough with the intake process to be sure we have all the information we need to treat your dog like our own. We understand it can seem like a tedious process, and we appreciate your patience with the necessary forms & paperwork involved with boarding.
                    • 11. What is your cancellation policy?

                      • a.) In order for a full refund, you need to cancel your dog’s reservation seven days before the scheduled pickup date. You may email your cancellation to one of the listed e-mail addresses. In case of less than the required seven-day cancellation, you may choose

                        b.) To rebook your dog for a future boarding date (arrangement can be done later). In this case we hold the full amount as a deposit for the next desired boarding, or,

                        c.) Have your money refunded, less the INR 500/- cancellation fee.

                        d.) Late pick-ups made within a two hour period will be charged an additional INR 50/- per hour. Pick-ups beyond this period are subject to a daycare fee. Pick-ups after 8pm will be charged for an additional overnight stay. Weekend charges applicable on holidays.