About us

Lucky Ducky

Lucky Ducky is a brain child of Mrs. Kunjan, founder and proprietor of Lucky Ducky. She has 15 years of experience in dealing with pets. As a teenager she got the companionship with German shepherd and since there her passion for taking care of dogs and other pets ignite. She personally has worked with AHF as a volunteer for the welfare of stray animals for 3 years and taken all the basic training there. She believes to deal with any pet, especially dog, one needs to be enough sensible, emotional and know how to read their body language and thatís it.

Her behavior and psycho analysis of any dog is amazing, that helps her to train or rehab any dog without punishment, we calls it positive enforcement and command installation. As like humans, dogs are also very strong social animal, and each and every dog has its own characteristic and according to that they fit in to its own society. When they become a part of humanís family we humans have to understand his psychological status and deal accordingly. But most of the time we make mistakes in that and creates problem for them in the ways of anxiety, food aggression, possessiveness and many more psychological disorders.

And now Mrs. Kunjan is here under the banner of Lucky Ducky to help all those LUCKY PET and their Parent.

Her passion driven profession with very care taking staff ensures you all piece of your mind and happiness of your pet during their Vacation period with us each and every time.

Our Facility :

  • Our kennel fully ventilated for fresh air 24 hrs. The boarding kennel opens into grass lawn which also doubles up as the play area for pets. Guest enjoy fun & play time throughout the day, afternoon leisure time, private or [small] playgroup time in our lawn and much, much more.

    Group play time in our ground will be carefully based upon our evaluation of each dog's temperament and compatibility. Un-socialized, fearful, aggressive and unaltered dogs will not be allowed to participate in group activities. Multi dog families get playtime as an individual group. Every day is filled with lots of fun activities and guests are supervised by a professional dog handler at all times. Even during the night our guests are being monitored from the adjacent main house, in the unlikely event someone wakes up. This rarely happens, as guests usually sleep right through the night, listening to a soothing sounds of nature, happily dreaming of the fun-filled day they had....Vacationing guests should be house trained and current on all vaccines. If your dog is NOT house trained or you wish to board an untrained puppy we may still be able to accommodate you.

    We are conveniently located in Western express highway. If you are unable to drive, transportation to and from your house is available with prior consultation. Please call us or email with questions, availability or to set up an appointment to visit our facility. As we maintain a set schedule for our vacationing and training guests, visits to the facility, check-in/out is always by appointment only, plz...