Behavior & Training

Lucky Ducky

Below you will find descriptions of our comprehensive training classes. Please note that prices for training vary and are generally based on trainer evaluation.

In-Home Private Training :

  • This one-on-one training program is tailored to your dog and their needs. We will train at your dog’s pace, working on both basic and advanced obedience, house manners, and all other commands you want to teach your four-legged family member. We offer a variety of courses that will fit into your schedule.
  • Behavior Modification :

    • If your dog has some bad manners or shows signs of aggression, behavior modification is what you need. This specialized course gives your dog the extra attention he needs when it comes to socializing with people or other dogs. We identify and tackle specific canine problems with the goal of helping your dog overcome these common issues.
    • Family Lessons :

      • Your dog is not just a pet, he is a member of the family! That’s why it’s important to have your entire family be part of the training process. Family lessons gives everyone a chance to work with your dog and grasp the skills needed to make sure your dog is receiving consistency with each family member. LuckyDucky also helps prepare dogs, big or small, for the arrival of a new baby.
      • Puppy Training :

        • Bringing a puppy into your home is a very exciting and happy time. It is also the most formative time for you and your dog. The most crucial imprinting period for your dog is between 6 weeks and 16 weeks old. It’s during this time when good and bad behaviors are established and you, as an owner, must set the rules that will follow your dog throughout their life. LuckyDucky will help you and your dog start on the right paw through positive and fun training games using basic techniques that will help eradicate bad manners. Whether you want one-on-one training for your new pup or group classes, we encourage you to start training early to foster a safe and happy lifestyle for you and your dog.
        • Group Classes :

          • Learning in a group is a great way to socialize your dog and train them amid the day-to-day distractions. Moreover, this class gives you and your dog a chance to bond while working toward specific behavioral goals. Call now to reserve your spot for our next group training classes.
          • Boarding and Training :

            • Let your dog live and learn from us! Your dog is invited to stay at LuckyDucky up to four weeks. During that time we will work daily with your dog on basic training skills. At our facility, we will use both training and intermediate training, teaching your dog everything from sit-stays, down-stays to place bed, heeling and name recognition. Afterward, we will show you how to continue the training to provide your dog with a seamless transition home and make his stay at LuckyDucky worth it.
            • Packing Tips :

              • Send a little more food than you think is necessary. Your pet will be having a lot of exercise
              • Make sure your dog is thoroughly walked before pick up. It's probably best to skip breakfast so they travel as close to empty as is possible and comfortable.
              • Label your food and leash with your dog's name. Masking tape works well
              • Give us a current emergency contact number
              • Put a soft collar on your dog, not a choke or prong
              • Send a leash you can part with if it should be lost, damaged or chewed. Please remove all “Bags on Board” from your leash. These make wonderful play things in the car and always become unraveled and useless
              • Picking the best dog for you / your family :

                • Not sure what type of dog will best fit into your family’s life and schedules? LuckyDucky can help make sure you choose the right dog. We can guide you along as you select a desired breed or even choose to rescue a dog. LuckyDucky offers temperament evaluations on puppy litters and adult rescue dogs, which will help you make the right pick. Just like humans, dogs are unique with a variety of needs, so make sure your personalities are matched.